I was a little skeptical when I saw the price tag (my friends with similar looking bikes all paid less than $1k for their brands) but I just couldn't resist Carolina's beauty. She is absolutely amazing!! She rides waaay better than my friends' cheaper vintage-looking bikes and has so many incredible details that her look is impossible to beat. Thank you!!! - Laura M, Ft. Worth, TX

I've gone from a non biker to the envy of all bikers. The bike stops traffic literally. I'm amazed at all the different types of people that notice my HUGO. The white tires are a throwback to a simpler time that everyone relates to. The bike makes people happy just by looking at it. I truly believe my MODE HUGO makes the world a better place. - Jason K., Philadelphia, PA

My Stella is amazing!! She arrived at my door TWO days after I placed my order - and she was SO easy to assemble! I was riding in minutes, and am now the hottest thing on the streets! THANK YOU!! - Karen W., Charlotte, NC.

Love love LOVE my new Carolina!! Have literally had people in passing cars & from across the street yell 'Awesome bike!' lol. Only thing better than the way she looks is the way she rides. Have had 2 spine surgeries & at 43 yrs old, this is the first bike I've ever had that I can spend hours on w/out back strain. Mozie rules!!! - Holley A., Manchester, NH.

I'm 5'2", and this bike works great for me. It's a big and comfy ride, but the ergonomics are great and I'm totally at ease on my Carolina! - Leigh F., Seattle, WA

Injecting a bit of Europe on the streets of San Francisco, Mozie bicycles are classic elegance on wheels. The design speaks volumes and the mobility and functionality is unmatched. I'm obsessed! Angela Tafoya, Editor, Refinery 29 (Carolina Owner)

Beautiful, solid, all-around well-made bikes. I love the Marc, a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic. Eric B, Artist/Photographer, San Francisco