Mozie bicycles are vintage and European-style bicycles that combine timeless design, functionality, and enjoyment all within the one exceptional ride. Mozie focuses on the beauty of bicycling, and the need for relaxed stylish riding for pleasure. Our bicycles represent a new form of sustainable, chic transport, which brings out the style, comfort, and enjoyment of the cycling experience.

Mozie Bicycles was built on the cornerstone of quality manufacturing. We have designed and engineered quality bicycles, complete with modern technologies that provide lasting performance and enduring style. We have selected modern amenities that require less maintenance and fuss. Components that enhance the look of the bicycles while delivering the performance you deserve.

Mozie bicycles were born out of the desire to design the perfect street bicycles - bicycles that would represent the innate style of the rider through a handsome elegant design. Bicycles that retain comfort and practicality without sacrificing the exterior look. Bicycles that uphold classical,
stylish cycling heritage while embracing the technologies and improvements of
the modern world.

Mozie bicycles are more than a mode of transport - they are the stylish way to ride.

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